Opening Night on the Louisiana Coast – Shrimp Season 2013

The Louisiana white shrimp season officially started on August 12th. I caught a ride aboard Acy Cooper’s skiff for the night as he and a deckhand worked to fill the boat with over 2000 pounds of the little guys. I first met Acy while covering Hurricane Issac for the New York Times, and have kept in touch for all things shrimp-related.

This was a fun shoot because the same things happened multiple times over — drop nets, drag nets, empty nets, sort shrimp, repeat. We were on the water for over 12 hours, so it was just a matter of waiting for the perfect light…

For more work from the Gulf Coast and Mississippi Delta, check out the My Mississippi series on my portfolio site.

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Boudin, Cracklin, Alligators and Sno-Balls for the New York Times

I spent a few days roaming through Southwestern Louisiana for a travel feature on the food and music of Cajun Country. In addition to shooting stills, I produced a short video feature using only my phone. You can check out the results here:

Dancing, Dining, and Daiquiris in Cajun Country


Et voilĂ  !


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Roneagles and The Krewe of Hermes? Mardi Gras Magic.

Last week was a hard one for New Orleans, with a shooting at a Mothers Day second-line parade injuring 20 people. I was at the parade with many of my closest friends and we know several of the club members who were parading — all of us were just mere steps away from the gunfire. I worked on a followup story for the New York Times which helped to keep me grounded and busy while still processing the experience. Along with images from a community rally against violence that occurred the day after the shooting, my editor included two older pictures I made at the Mothers Day parade in 2011 to provide some visual context for the story. It made for a great layout in the National Section of the paper, and you can read the excellent story online: “Celebrating, in Spite of the Risk“.


This week has been much quieter — I went camping on the beach in Florida. I’m wandering shaded streets around town shooting a (sweaty) travel assignment, and sorting through old stories and revisiting some of the things I absolutely love about this city… like MARDI GRAS MARCHING BANDS.

This past Mardi Gras season, Katy Reckdahl wrote a fantastic piece for the NYT on the trials and triumphs of The McDonogh 25 High School marching band (the “Roneagles“). I had an awesome time tagging along with the band one evening as they played in the annual Krewe of Hermes parade down St. Charles Street. The experience reinforced my love for New Orleans as one of the many ways this city really comes together.

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